On Goals and Future-Orientedness

Just a minute ago I had a piece of Italian bread and butter, and the butter that I used, the first one, was a piece that my dad had deemed too large for his portion of bread and had put back. That butter could have been in my dad’s stomach! How weird!

Anyway, as I stood there eating leftover veal Parmesan, I thought what a grand accomplishment would be vegetarianism. Not considering the moral arguments, which I find convincing, it seems almost a pity to oneself to believe in something for a long period of time but to never act on it. That is, whether or not the arguments for vegetarianism are convincing, I think they are, and I have for a very long time, but I have not yet acted on this personal truth. Wouldn’t it feel good, perhaps better than it feels to have the taste of some flesh in your mouth, to succeed in satisfying a personal goal?

That would be nice, huh?


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