Not that I was planning on jumping into any Ph.D programs in philosophy right away, but I did solicit a former professor for a recommendation before the amazing plasticity of the mind erases the synaptic connections that were once relevant to my good standing in her memory, and she cautioned me, writing that there “are virtually no jobs” in professional philosophy. I guess that’s not a big shocker, given that it is philosophy!, but still, these are my goals, okay?

So something to consider. Of course, economic conditions could change in five years or so, when I’d be done getting that thing, but my professor did also say that there seems to be movement in the US/UK of not treating the liberal arts with all the glory that they used to. Sucks, it seems. On the other hand, if you look at a chart, sometimes philosophy majors make more money than, say, biology majors! Ha! But what kind of conclusions can you draw from data anyway?


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